When an Amazon package shows delivered but you never received it?

Contact Amazon and let them know. Counterintuitively, you *can’t* do this via Returns/Refunds in “Your Orders” (as of Dec 21 2016).

Go to www.amazon.com and click Help. (or CTRL +F for “help”), it’s to the right of the options below the search bar.


Scroll all the way down to “Need More Help” and click “Contact Us”.

Then choose the order you’re missing, and email or otherwise contact them to say something like “It says this was delivered but I did not receive it. Perhaps it was stolen.”


Rosewater Tisane For Love-Making

Just a few tips I’ve found to help married couples make the most of their intimate moments:

Making love should be romantic, memorable. It must be able to touch your heart and emotions–for both women and men. When we lose the “intention” of romance, you start to lose the desire, and after you have lost the desire, other things become lost, little by little.

Married couples should always make love with intention by taking care of ones “natural body juices” in order to enhance intimacy. THIS RULE IS FOR BOTH WOMEN AND MEN!

The rule says that women should drink an herbal tea (tisane) made with a mixture of orange blossom, rose water and mint at least once a week. The man must remember to drink pineapple juice. According to legend, these teas or drinks, when taken at least weekly, maintain a fresh level of “sweetened love juices” and puts us in a very pleasant disposition, so the couple can fully enjoy the act of making love.