Hyper Greeters (jumping up – extreme)


A few days ago I posted a blog about teaching dogs to keep their feet on the floor and off of people.  That blog included an excellent video by Chirag Patel.  In my opinion, his approach will work for a high percentage of dogs, especially puppies who are started correctly.  But some dogs are a bit different.  These dogs are not showing normal, thinking behavior patterns when they are in the presence of new people, because they are “hyper greeters.” In the presence of new people, they go over threshold.

“Over threshold” simply means that the dog is no longer able to make good (rational) decisions about their behavior.  And since training assumes a rational participant who is maximizing good things and minimizing bad things, training often fails on dogs that are over threshold.  Sad but true.  The more time a dog spends over threshold, the more easily they end…

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