The Story of Stuff, or Why I Only Shop Secondhand

I read the following statement certain that I could not be moved to make such a pact:

“Warning: The Story of Stuff Project could cause you to make a pact with your husband to not buy anything new for a whole year, do your shopping on Craigslist and at thrift stores and to cringe when entering Walmart/Target/Fred Myers. Is this a joke? Definitely not. I am here to tell you it happened to me.”

So, I watched the video, because I like learning new things…even if those things aren’t really applicable to me or my lifestyle. I mean, I buy stuff, but not too much. I recycle and have taken strides over the past 12 months to start growing my own food and eating sustainably. So when I watched this it really opened my mind to a larger issue (plus my favorite magazine just had an article entitled “Do we buy too much stuff”:

The Story of Stuff

“Some people say it’s unrealistic, idealistic, that it can’t happen. But I say the ones who are unrealistic are those that want to continue on the old path. That’s dreaming. Remember that old way didn’t just happen by itself. It’s not like gravity that we just gotta live with. People created it. And we’re people too. So let’s create something new.” — The Story of Stuff

Will I make a pact? Maybe (probably!). Will I put the principles of reduce/reuse/recycle into high gear in my life? Absolutely. This is too important (spiritually and physically) to get wrong.


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