Brown Girl Success Against the Odds

The part of her (@adriarichards) article that touched me deeply because I completely identified with it was this:

“I was diagnosed with ADHD and PTSD.  Part of the assessment was an intelligence test.  I had an IQ of 130.  I’m smart enough to join MENSA!  I began to see a psychologist who practiced EMDR, a type of therapy to help people process traumatic experiences.  This made a huge difference in my life.  I began to take long strides vs timid steps on my path to healing.

Because of my experiences growing up, I have triggers.  This means that I’m always scanning for danger; for situations that seem like something from the past that could hurt me.  When I recognize something that matches, I can overreact and feel intense fear, anger or anxiety.  This is something I’ve worked on a lot.  It’s much better now than 10 years ago but there are some things that send me over the edge.

Like the other day when someone asked me if I had a baby photo.  The answer is no — I don’t have any photos of myself before the age of 11…and it hurts.  So I started crying.  They hadn’t hurt me or threatened me but the overwhelming feeling of my childhood overcame me.  Mourning for the child version of me who never had the chance to enjoy being a child.”

Our diagnoses are the same, for similar reasons. Our (genes, and) escape into books at an early age (IMO) also gifted us with high IQs. EMDR made a difference to us both. Triggers, yep, still. Overwhelming feelings at the oddest times, exactly. I’ve had success with treatment, but when I become lax I can relapse into a very manic/anxious/depressed state. The key is maintenance.

The point is that there IS hope. Read her full article and suggestions here:

 Little brown girl with mandolin, sitting ...



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