How to Effectively Apply Products to Low Porosity Hair

I’ve written about hair porosity in the past, so now I want to really cover exactly how to apply moisturizers to low-porosity hair effectively.

Curly Nikki says:

Low porosity hair is typically much harder to moisturize since it is more difficult for moisture to penetrate the hair shaft. Prep time is paramount for low porosity curlies. Every step in your daily routine is important and will determine how healthy your hair is. Avoid moisture sapping products, including alcohol based gels, hairspray and mousse.

TIP: Shop for water based, liquid leave in moisturizers that will moisturize without heaviness. Also, make sure to add a natural oil to your regime. Opt for a light to seal your hair after moisturizing. I prefer jojoba oil since it most resembles the sebum produced in our scalp. Heavy oils will be harder to absorb and will simply sit on top of it and weigh it down.

So, my personal Fleurty Naturelle regimen includes these steps for effectively applying products to my low porosity hair:

  • Apply moisturizer to warm, damp hair – use a steamer to get the mositurizer to absorb, apply it in the shower, or apply it and then wear a plastic cap so the naturally escaping heat from your scalp will assist in absorption of the product.
  • Ensure even distribution – use a detangling comb or rake your fingers though each section of hair to make sure its distributed properly over your whole head.
  • Shake or Squeeze – to remove excess product and water and avoide the foamy look 😉
  • Rub it in – When you use a hair butter or curl cream and you have excess product, squeezing and shaking won’t get rid of it. So, smooth it into the strands by using the shingling method (Details/Steps/Photos Here, Video Here).


Low Porosity Hair Strand

Low Porosity Hair Strand


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