Be Better

Do better

So, I was driving to work this morning and I couldn’t stop picking up my phone to check texts/emails. Normally I’m very capable at doing this and staying in my lane but after a coughing fit that kept me up from 2:30 am to 6:00 am (and yes I did go back to sleep for an hour before pulling myself out of bed to make a breakfast smoothie) I was really sub-par this morning. I swerved out of my lane twice before I realized that not only am I endangering my car/life, but that of my innocent driving neighbors.

I put the phone back in my purse and thought about my habit for a moment. I do use my phone while driving (and not the hands-free option) occasionally…well, often. How do I justify doing something illegal and unsafe? I *feel* safe doing it because I move my eyes back and forth from the phone to the road often and had never before swerved or rear-ended anyone. But it only takes one time to have something bad happen and I was pushing my luck by continuing this practice.

I decided to keep my phone in the purse for the rest of the drive. I turned on the radio and listened to a St. Jude telethon for a couple minutes, then switched to another station and hear and oldie but goodie from Luther Vandross (which, surprisingly, I enjoyed and sang along to), and then I turned again to a local morning show and laughed at their bad jokes. By the time I turned into the parking lot at work (usually a 30 minute commute with 8am traffic) my mind had drifted to how many other people were probably texting or applying make-up on their morning commute, and how if they really stopped to think about it maybe they would make a different decision.

When I say think, I mean really think. The quote above is one I like from Maya Angelou. It speaks on doing your best until you know better, then when you know better, doing better. In this instance, I knew better. I would feel terrible for worrying my husband by calling about an accident I caused (especially since I’m still rehabbing my knee from ACL repair surgery). I would cause my mother stress with the news of an accident. I would spend hours waiting for the police, missing work hours. I would spend hours taking the car for repair, pay money for the deductible. I would also impact some unknown other person with the same troubles, maybe even injuring them in the process. Why would I take that chance? I know better, so I need to do better.

Doing better sometimes means thinking of the other people in your life, and letting their interests motivate you to do something you haven’t done for yourself (defying common sense and all). Tomorrow I’ll spend my commute listening to music or thinking about my next blog topic 🙂

I hope you do the same.

What is it that you can make an effort to ”do better” with today?


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