Love Yourself

Author: Bagande

Author: Bagande (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Eat like you love yourself.

 Move like you love yourself.

 Speak like you love yourself.

 Act like you love yourself.


Rum Rose Cough Remedy

rum rose cough remedy

Rum Rose Cough Syrup

1/2 cup rose petals
1 lemon
1/2 cup water
1 cup rum
1/2 cup honey

Simmer rose petals with water and juice of lemon for 5 minutes. Let cool and strain liquid into mason jar. Add rum and honey. Let sit overnight. Take a tablespoon as needed for cough or sore throat.

I added a few of the petals and a couple slices of lemon to the jar for visual garnish 🙂


Soup for your soul

Gigi’s favorite cold/flu season soup: Quinoa, carrots, potatoes, kale, bay leaves, turnip, veggie (or chicken) stock, a little water, corn, green onions, onions, bell pepper, ginger, celery, and a couple drumsticks (optional* for carnitarians). Simmer until the meat is falling off the bone…or for the veggie only version simmer until the potatoes are soft 🙂



What’s the big deal about the Cherry Lola Treatment?

Cherry Lola invented a concoction that is named for her. What’s the big deal? I keep hearing the buzz so I decided to find out. I was envisioning something like this:



Until I saw the ingredient list.

Ingredients: 16 oz yogurt, 2 tbs baking soda, 3 tbs liquid aminos

You are supposed to mix and apply to your hair (in sections from root to tip) leaving it on under a plastic cap for 30-40 minutes. Even a hairstyling-challenged person like me can do that, right? So, this past weekend I did. I liked the results and wanted to understand more about what these ingredients actually do to my hair (it’s the scientist/researcher in me). This is what I deduced:

Yogurt is a good ingredient because of the fats and protein present, and the easily spreadable and sticky texture which make it a good conditioner. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a great ingredient because it is antiseptic, and effective for cleaning…it also lifts the cuticle of the hair so all the goodness can penetrate the hairshaft. I recently found out my hair has low porosity, so this is an important ingredient for me. Liquid aminos are basically liquid amino acids….this is the ingredient that I’m most curious about. I know what they do inside, but what benefit is putting them on my hair?

Amino acids are called the building blocks of life. I know that we (humans) are mostly made up of amino acids, they are used to break down food during digestion, grow, repair tissue, and other kinda important things. Amino acids are present in every cell in our body and combine to form proteins (you need these to survive). There are 20 amino acids that make proteins in the body, nine of these are essential and cannot be made by the body so we get these from food (yay, tryptophan).

So, supercharging this mixture with liquid aminos makes it a deluxe protein treatment that’s especially suited for low-porosity hair. Ok, questions answered 🙂 – Now, for the photos.


I added the baking soda and liquid aminos (in that order) to some greek yogurt. It gets all bubbly and  souflee-ie when you add the aminos so next time I’ll use a bigger bowl.


This is my “before” hair sectioned and twisted.


This is the mixture on my coils.


This is my “after” hair, freshly rinsed, detangled, sectioned, and twisted similarly to the before photo.


I put a leave in conditioner (review coming soon) and the next morning shingled my hair with kinky curly custard.


Gorgeous, right? I like this Cherry Lola treatment.


Workout Smoothies #smoothies #fitness #nola

List of smoothies with links to recipes! 13.1 Smoothies for 13.1 miles 🙂

1. Green Machine Smoothie – Whole Living
2. Cherry Almond Vanilla Smoothie – Running To The Kitchen
3. Kale Spinach and Pear Smoothie – Joy The Baker
4. Tropical Green Smoothie – 52 Kitchen Adventures
5. Preet’s Special Smoothie – Yyoga + OrganicLives
6. Power Protein Smoothie – Whole Living
7. Mango Coconut Water Smoothie – Whole Living
8. The Mojito Smoothie – My New Roots
9. Crunchy Coffee Fix – Runner’s World
10. Banana Oat Smoothie – Martha Stewart
11. Pineapple and Banana Smoothie – Whole Living
12. Key Lime Pie Protein Smoothie – Peanut Butter Fingers
13. Gingered Beet Smoothie – With Style & Grace
13.1 Raw Blizzard – Rawified (Hey, with all that running we’re doing we deserve a sweet, healthly(ish) treat! And yes, that’s Blizzard like DQ Blizzard.)


South African Hot Toddy Recipe

hot toddy

South African Hot Toddy recipe from one of my new fav blogs!


  • 1 cup raw milk (or organic low temp pasteurized milk)
  • 1 Tbsp raw honey
  • 1/2 – 1 full jigger of whiskey (depending on your tolerance!)
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon (optional)
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric (optional)


The basic recipe is to warm milk on medium heat until it is just scalded (foaming around the edges). Pour into a cup with the whiskey and honey and stir to combine. Her friend used this butter warmer to warm the milk and she just ordered one because it will be great for so many uses in the future including warming milk, butter and making sauces.

When she made this the second time she added cinnamon and turmeric to the milk because she pretty much adds them to everything! IShe loved the drink both ways so experiment and see which option you like better and comment here if you add any other spices that seem interesting to share with everyone!


i heart nola

So much exitement here this week! It’s Mardi Gras and the air is abuzz with music, laughing, and the bubbling of crowds. It’s also almsot superbowl and at that point it will be SO hectic here. I love that people come here to have a good time, to find out how art, music, love for life, and love for food mix in this place we call NOLA…and I hope everyone has safe revelry. Remember, be kind and have fun!


A New Way to Stop Inflammation

Stop chronic inflammation with #Krill #Oil. Omega-3 fatty acids are a well-known natural anti-inflammatory. Most people recognize common omega-3s such as fish oil, olive oil and flax. But there is another form of omega-3s that has been growing in popularity — krill oil.

Chronic inflammation is thought to be one of the biggest predictors of many major diseases, including cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer and arthritis.

One of the most reliable and useful predictors of internal inflammation is C-reactive protein (CRP). Researchers concluded that within 7 to 14 days, 300 mg a day of Krill Oil can “significantly inhibit inflammation by reducing CRP as well as significantly alleviate symptoms caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.”

Read the full article here: